Birthday shenanigans 

So this week is my birthday week… Couldn’t be more excited as it’s my 25th birthday.. Getting old aye! Hah jk im still young and gorgeous hunty.. 

 im writing this blog post from airplane ✈ im travelling to Italy – Rome to celebrate my birthday and  just to have a super nice and wonderful time with my hubby ❤ only going away for 3 days that’s a shame but still i couldn’t be more excited to just being away from home and seeing another wonderful country and experiencing everything what this city has to offer.. Travelling for me is everything absolutely love it, definitely i could easily do that all the time, minus the flying though.. Because that is no fun

Ofcourse we have already planned to visit coliseum and Vatican city and gorgeous cathedral. Historic buildings and art fascinates me i can just wonder and get lost in art galleries.. After the trip i will definitely write another post and will add some nice pictures so you all can see.. 

At the moment i feel tired, kinda sleepy but mostly bored as you all know flying is not a fun experience,just sitting uncomfortably, trying to sleep  then waking up and when u think u have slept for like half an hour but oh fck me 10 minutes have passed plus my bum already hurts from sitting.. 

Have you travelled anywhere exciting recently or are planning something? Hop you are having a great day and see you soon.. 

Tia xxx


Anxiety is a c**t 

In this day and age anxiety is such a common thing.. And it’s crippling my mind and soul, this voice in your head that keeps saying you’re a piece of shit who fails all the time, you don’t deserve anything and you will never achieve anything.. Keep on failing bitch.. 

And this adult life isn’t a treat as well.. Why do i need to spend most of my life slaving away in some shitty job.. Get paid some pennies which i have to give away for rent and all that crap.. In day’s like theese i see how pointless and shitty life is in reality.. No matter what you see on social media how nice and lovely some people’s lifes looks it still is shit in some way.. No amount of money will give you 100 % happiness, you can pretend and say how your life is so great,but we all know that everyone is struggling with something.. 

Sometimes i just can’t wait to be old and die so that all these lies and bullshit would be over.. 

I kinda apologies for this rant but i just feel so depressed and i need to get this out of my system.. So, sorry not sorry.. 


First of January..

Happy flippin new year guys!! What a year i had.. Lot’s of adventures, new experiences, new and lost friends.. Ups and downs.. But overall this past year has been great!! Im grateful for everything what has been trown at me.. I think i have done a great job!! New years eve spent with wonderful friends, laughter, board games, silly jokes and just super positive vibe!!  Im happy how the new year has started..  I hope you all had a wonderful night in every way!! I’ll keep this one short! I hope all your dreams and hopes will come true this year, be brave and never give up!! Kisses and all the best wishes!! 

Bring it on 2018!! 

Tia xxx

Few days

Here i am again with highlights from my life.. Today broadcasting from my bathtub..  I can let you in on one of my personal lifes weekly pampering secrets.. Every sunday in the evening im taking looong loong baths.. Treating myself with amazing bath bom from Lush.. I absolutely love them.. Tonight im soaking in pink glitrer explosion in my bath.. It is amazing to say less..  Past days have been busy ive had mad week at work.. Lots of different emotions and often moodswings.. But the end of the week turned out very great..  On Thursday i had my works Christmas do which was super all dressed up.  Had a very nice meal,  maybe two too many G&T’s and busted some crazy moves on the dance floor top, it was great.. Saturday my mum came over to pick up her cat which i was babysitting for her whilw she was on holidays,  now house feels a bit emptier,  it was nice to have a kitty around..  And today i have spent eating junk smoking majic herb and watching Gilmore Girls.. 

Feeling all  worm and fuzzy, because next weekend already Christmas 🎄 going over to my aiat place to celebrate with whole family..  Can’t wait..  

What have you all planned to do over this Christmas time?  🌟 

Ps. I have added a picture of myself all dressed for that Christmas party 🎉  was feeling sexy and sassy.. Had to share it 💖

Tia xxx

Boiling blood

Today has already been a fuc***g shitty day… Not to drag out this intro i just want to mention that im in a long relationship, and sometimes i don’t understand why am i even doing this.. I think most of the time i am happy but there’s those days when u doubt everything you have,  why am i even in a relationship in the first place.. 

Today i got yelled at for basically no reason in a shopping mall by my boyfriend… He completely ruined my day… Feeling like a pile of 💩 worthless angry, confused and just terrible.. Life is sh*t.. Why bother to do anything in general. If i would die today i wouldn’t give two sh**s about it.. Sorry about the rant but i guess my blog my rules my words.. 

Wild side

As you all may have noticed we’re experiencing last supermoon this year.. How has everyone been affected?  Well first of all i have cought cold which is pissing me off, it has dragged for already two weeks.. Leaving me tired, sleepy and cranky, but at the same time super horny too.. Yeah yeah laugh laugh,  but it it serious.. 

This supermoon has  given me so much sexuality,  that i don’t know what to do with it.. Weird heh? So last night i had one of the best sex in my adult life, full of passion, strength and dominance.. Absolutely loved it..  Embrace your sexuality and go out fierceful, sexy and with your head held high.. You got it gurl! 

Enjoy these supermoon given emotions, energies and make it work in your favour.. 

Tia xx

Chatter in my head 

Woke up 5am from a dream and  random chatter in my head, those voices just can’t shut up.. My anxiety just doesn’t want to let go. All i want to do these past days is just crawl in my bed and hide from the outside world. 

Weather doesn’t make it easier too. Im a sunshine child, i vibrate higher in sunlight and warm weather so England for me is not the best place to live in. But i have big plans and dreams about my future, so I’ll keep a pin to that..  Do you feel better in sunshine or prefer cooler weather?!  

So recently i joined this amazing facebook group “rise sister rise” which is a community of wonderful women who are there for each other they radiate wonderful energy light and love which is so wonderful but i find ot hard to interact and be more open,  because i dont have great relationships with women in general,  always been more in groups of guys,  less drama more fun.. But now i feel like i am a bit alone, i have some female friends but there’s no-one really close to me now. I have a best friend but she lives faaar away from me and it just kills me, i miss her all the time.. I have tried to build  new relationships with girls but i find it hard and i don’t understand why. Im not a big people’s persone but it would be nice to just have someone around who i can call to come over or just go out and have a girls day out..  Maybe im not meant to have this girl tribe maybe i am a lone Wolf wondering through this strange world alone.. 

Too many what ifs.. With that i will end this post today.. 

Tia xx